Hoof Update 6: Side by Side Front Comparisons

Nicole asked for some side by side hoof comparisons, and as I put these together I was struck by the difference! 

Left pics: October 4th, Right pics: Nov. 23rd (just about due for a trim here)


Overall I like that the hoof is now more symmetrical: she still is slightly wider on the outside edge (some asymmetry is normal)
Her frogs are much more beefy now - I'm not finding hidden pockets of thrush like I was before and the central suculus crack is very shallow now, and to my eye, the heel bulbs are further apart.

In my next trim I will back up the toe to the white line (looks reddish in this pic), take down a bit of height all around (so the sole can grow outwards) and mustang roll it all around.

The hairline should be horizontal, so there is still some heel weakness, and contraction, but the concavity of the foot is looking good, and the mustang roll is holding up well!


Accidentally didn't photograph the whole foot (oops)

I see a huge improvement in the heels - still some stubborn deep cracks...grrr. and some asymmetry more pronounced on this hoof (again wider on the outside)

Heel strength confirmed - the hairline is looking much more horizontal here, and the heel less contracted.

and a side shot showing where the last stubborn bit of thrush is living (gradually I'm digging it all out!!):

Also, hoof knives are very sharp and should be wielded with care and gloves - I sliced my arm pretty good (luckily not hitting a vein/artery or deep enough to need stitches  - I don't need to continue the Holidays in the ER trend...)

No bandaids at the barn, but I flushed it thoroughly under running water, and made do with a Maxi-pad and vet wrap til I got home....


  1. Her heels look wider and stronger in both of these pics!

    Wound care OITNB style!

  2. Would you be able to post some more photos during and after your trim? I'm interested in learning how to back the toe to the white line. Also, how do you get the hooves so nicely clean for photos?!

    1. Sure - I'll try and get some before/after/during pics in the next trim! I just hosed them out in the wash rack for pics :D


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