Book Review: The Essential Hoof Book

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Since I am now a barefoot horse trimmer (for only two horses, lol), I am always looking to build on my knowledge of all things Hoof-related. So when I came across this book, I was intrigued.

The cover reminded me of these type of books (which tend to have a whole lot of not much info)

But, after I read the free chapter sample (click here) - I knew I had to have it.

At 300 pages, this is basically a textbook, but with a bit of tongue in cheek to keep it interesting and fun. It is written in a very accessible language, rather than highly technical jargon (although they do spend quite a bit of time on anatomy - which I liked), and has lots of pictures and illustrations of healthy as well as diseased hooves.  It is spiral bound: meant to be a working book that can live at the barn.

It gave me some new tools to look at Tesla's hooves more critically: how to look for contracted feet, how to access balance and symmetry, how to look for the correct point of break over, all of which I'll start to document on Tesla's feet in future hoof updates :D

I also didn't realize that Pete Ramey had a scientific paper published using his method of barefoot trimming on laminitic horses with successful results, mentioned in the book:

Link here

Even if you don't trim/shoe your horses feet, this book will equip you to have more meaningful and informed conversations with your farrier and vet and to make hoof care less of a mystery.

I had always joked to friends that horses basically walk on their fingertips - and hooves were a horrible evolutionary trajectory - after reading this book I realize how wrong I was: Hooves are amazing.

Totally 5-star worthy!


  1. I love that paper title. It's so subtly hilarious -- obese, laminitic horses. ;)


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