three rights = a left

Apparently, someone forgot how to turn left in the crossties....

You want me to do what?!?

She had a couple "scary" moments in there (i.e. she bumped her bum against the wall and a hoof touched the muck broom which obvs some troll who eats horses lives there)

So I threw some carrots in my pocket, and picked up the little crop for a bump if needed...and we worked on "getting over" in the cross-tie area, both to the right and to the left...

She was not having it to start, she wanted to back out and I could see her brain starting to shut down: she didn't know what I wanted.

So, we schooled it like she had never seen it before: baby steps, lots of praise, and one good bump: no you must go forward! and she found her left turn signal again, LOL.

I'll definitely make her do it a few more times this week - just to cement it in that no trolls live there (and she loves to be asked a question she knows the answer to)

I own these crossties now! (even tho' I'm not actually tied....hehe)


  1. It was good that you could break it down for her and help her figure it out.


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