My Perfect Horse

    Finally getting around to this blog hop from Olivia

"If money was absolutely no barrier and I could custom design every single itty bitty little thing, what would I want in my next horse?"

For every trait I like in a horse, I feel there is a two-way conversation:

Me: I like a bit of blood - not crazy, but not a kick ride.

Horse: I like a quiet, sympathetic seat, and legs that are supporting, like a constant hug.

Me: I like a good work ethic, a willing partner.

Horse: I need things to be fair, interesting, and fun.

Me: I like a horse who can go it alone.

Horse: I'm an probably an alpha, and might not play well with others in turn-out.

Me:  I like a horse that knows it's job.

Horse: I need everything explained in steps that I can understand with lots of affirmation.

Me: I like mares, they really bond.

Mare: I'm gonna have a lot of feelings about things, and need someone who can be patient.

Me: I got a soft spot for Blacks...

Mare: I need regular spa days and more shavings, mkay?