My Dream Dressage Ensemble

Watched a lot of Dressage at Devon this weekend, and it got me thinking...

What would my dream ensemble look like for Tess and I?

1. Big Puffy Dutch Braids (cause when you already get mistaken for a gelding all the time, why not just embrace that ridiculous crest?)

Am I right? #Brickhouse

2) Rolled plain black bridle (cause we're already sportin' a lot of chrome up in front)

Word on the street is Lund Saddlery might have one available in the future...

Maybe without the sheepskin - whatever fits the best ;)

4) The Armony (CHECK!)

5) Black dressage coat with some cute minimal white detail (I like this one from Spooks)

5) White breeches - I like the way the knee patch Horse Grand Prix breeches ride & wear, and the euro seat styling:

but these are super cute, and I would be willing to give 'em a try:

6) Boots.....I've ridden in half chaps for so long now I'm completely out of touch with the tall boot scene... I've read some great reviews from other bloggers, but more research would be needed. Something with a high spanish top, mostly plain, but great quality (if you have a bead on something along these lines, I'd love to know!)

I did play around with La Mundial options and came up with this:

SO mostly Black on Black - with little touches of White,

better than this look, I think :)


  1. I have those Horse breeches in Navy Blue and they are absolutely, hands down my favorite breeches. I love all horze breeches (at least the middle of the road to the more expensive ones) but the Nordic are the very best :)


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