Meant for Bling

I bumped into one of my hunter/jumper barn pals who I hadn't seen in a while and her gelding was sporting not one, but Two Blingy Browbands.

"Monty told me he wanted them", she laughed. and proceeded to tell me how:

Apparently, while tied up in the crosstie, Monty managed to put one of the fancy dressage bridles that was hanging nearby (complete with 1in. swarovski crystal tiara) over his face and was proudly showing everyone. So S. bought a thin swooped one like this for just a bit of sparkle:

but apparently that wasn't enough, cause every time she went to put his bridle on, Monty would turn away from it, disappointed with so little bling ;)

so she nabbed a second blingy browband in blue and white,

and added it to the bridle. Now Monty eagerly takes the bridle and struts his stuff. You could see it too, LOL, he was so proud of himself, showing off around the ring.

We giggled about it, and she asked if Tesla wanted some bling - I'm sure I'd know if she did LOL!

So there you have it - horses can apparently ask for MOAR sparkles :D


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