Hoof Update 5

My Tesla, what lovely feet you have! link here


This is the hoof that still looks the most "sickly" to me.
The hoof has grown out about 2/3rds of the way down at the correct angle (YAY!!) 

You can see the bit of flare from the front angle, but it isn't excessively horrible:

The heel is still bit contracted here, you can see it in the narrower frog angle (as compared to her other feet). Still a crack in the heel, but getting shallower (teal arrow), and guess what that overgrown bar was protecting (dark orange bracket). Yup a thrush pocket that surfaced!

I try not to touch the bars and sole with the hoof knife, that's the fastest way to make a horse sore by over-trimming - when she doesn't need it anymore, it should crumble out on it's own!


Better looking frog - less contracted than the other front:


Angle looks good here:

Looking more healthy underneath too:


It's a work in progress, I can definitely see things that need improving, and things that have drastically improved in the 3-4 months I've been trimming Tess myself.

She has been on the Augment supplement for about 6 weeks: not only are her feet growing out quickly, but she is super shiny even in her winter woolies - I'm so pleased with it, I've started the Trail Boss' Porsche on it too!


  1. Love it!! You should line up some side by sides for us!

  2. Kudos to you for trimming yourself. I would love to be able to trim my horses. You're doing a great job!!!


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