Hoof Update 3

I went on a trailride with C. and her lovely gelding - all around the property, and Tesla was great! We crunched over gravel, up and down hills and Tess was super forward going between the mare's pasture and the road - but otherwise didn't set a hoof wrong!

I looked at her feet afterwards: clean as a whistle 
(hooray they are working like feet are supposed to!)

LF: You can see the new steeper angle (orange line) growing in about 1/2 way down Hooray! I probably need to refresh the mustang roll here...but getting some heel bulb now (arrow)

LF Underside: so much frog has sloughed off: still working on those deep suculus and heel bulb crack and getting those heels to widen out!

RF: new angle is growing in!! YAY! again - time to refresh the roll :)

RF Underside looking better - still deep suculus grooves and a split between the heel bulbs, but getting shallower & better!!


  1. Hooves are fascinating! Do you trim your own horse? How often do you trim to keep that toe backed up in the mustang roll?

    1. I do :) I'm not as strong as a burly farrier - so I roll it less aggressively and more often, every 2-3 weeks!


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