Clean Trax All the Things!

Overall, I have been very pleased with Clean-Trax. Right now we are on a 2-week soaking schedule to make sure the thrush is completely eradicated (still tender on one left hind grrrrr!), then once per month is recommended as a preventative. Soaking also makes her feet so much easier to trim - I'm just gonna incorporate it into our routine!

A plastic bag level Pro (she can even do two hinds simultaneously now)

I also soaked all my brushes in some of it to get them nice and clean before winter rain mud sets in.

Drying on the bench

They dried up beautifully - and nice and clean, will totally add this into our schedule too!

Also chatted with the barn manager, and am coming up with a plan just in case the thrush re-flares up when her paddock starts to get a bit muddy... being prepared is 1/2 the battle!