The Joy of Dressage (Part 1)

While out an about this past weekend, I stumbled across a used DVD copy of The Joy of Dressage (Part 1) for $5 so of course I couldn't resist :D

There were several things I loved about this video:

Horses were allowed to be horses (huzzah for as much turn-out as possible!)

The horses weren't perfect - (The narrator said "Damon Jerome was a cheeky stallion" - haha!)

Working "around the lesson" - how other exercises can help prepare the horse for more advanced work - like walk trot transitions!

I loved her riding style - she was so quiet on the horse - GOALS (and now I'm gonna have to see if I can find Vol. 2 and find out more about her "Effortless Dressage Program

“Scrape off the mud and ride Grand Prix”  -- Uta Gräf

While I probably honestly wouldn't pay full price for this video - it is something I will definitely watch to inspire myself to good correct riding - and to tease out all the little golden riding nuggets of advice sprinkled in it :)


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