Review: Hoof Wraps Soaking Liners

To add to the war on Thrush, I wanted to soak Tesla's hooves. She was pretty good about keeping her foot in a bucket - but I had to supervise to make sure she didn't sneak it out when I wasn't looking :)

Fancy New Kicks

These worked great! The plastic is very sturdy, and while I know they won't last forever, for a polite barefoot horse on rubber mats in the cross-ties, this is a great option. If you had one that likes to paw....might not be the best buy: it did include one rubber insert for horses with shoes - I also don't know how well the plastic will hold up to strong chemicals: but for salt & borax soaking: all systems go for repeated use!

You don't need a ton of liquid to fill it up (hooray!) and you can multi-task while the pony is soaking. Tess moved around a bit - but the vinyl doesn't crinkle so it wasn't too scary (I could see her hamster wheels turning a bit tho, LOL) and it comes with a bit of velcro - so you can make sure it doesn't fall down the leg/splash all out.

For ~$20 this is a great addition to our thrush arsenal!

4.5 stars!