Review: Augment Hoof Supplement

When I ran out out Paprika, I could either buy a new big tub of it OR start Tess on a hoof supplement.

I have done a ton of reading online about thrush and hoof health in general, and realized that in addition to copper, Tesla might need some iodine as I went looking for a hoof supplement that had it...

Since Tesla is not a picky eater - I wanted a powder (rather than a pellet - more bang for your buck!)

And I came across Augment Hoof, and it checked all my boxes for ingredients. 

and I nabbed the 3lb version for ~$25. I add a scoop to her wet Stable Mix and she slurps it right down.

A week or so in is too early to tell, but I will definitely review this again once I've used it up :)


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