For Sale (actually Sale Pending now)


As Tesla has continued to change and develop, my beloved Sommer just isn't the best fit for her.

*insert wail*

So it's time this little Novelle found a new home!

17.5in medium deep seat, flocked in July - lovely and squishy! minimal wear (besides the cosmetic flaps) MW tree (marked 32 but was slightly widened - the tree is adjustable by tree press)

I seriously love this saddle, and am heartbroken to part with it (but the pony gets what the pony demands - and her broad shoulders are screaming MOAR room!)

slightly curvy panels

The leather is super nice - the two fitters I've had look at this saddle were both very impressed at the quality.

So if you are in the market, drop me a line (I'll give you a great deal!)

Also, does this mean I may have found a unicorn saddle that fits Tesla like a glove?


  1. *chants* I don't need another dressage saddle. I don't need another dressage saddle....

    It's a lovely saddle! Hopefully you find it the perfect home to fund your 🦄 saddle! I can't wait for more details, that teaser photo 😍


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