Tack Review: Levi's Commuter Jeans

I picked these jeans up for 15 bucks on super clearance. I figured that jeans for riding bicycles would also be good for riding horses - and I personally like jean material in the saddle (the grip is juuuust right...hard to shake those old polo habits ;) 

love the reflective ...even tho' you can't see it under my half-chaps

All the features that work well for cycling: stretchy (but more substance than tights), articulated knees, anti-microbial material, and reflective details all translate well to equine sports!)

They got some scathing reviews online, mostly about shrinkage (even with cold water washing/line drying) - I haven't noticed that so much with mine (they are a big snug after washing, but loosen out like most jeans)

If you are more of a boy-cut kind of gal you will like these jeans, which are cut straight through the waist and hip. 

4.5 stars - would definitely buy again (maybe even full price ;)