Tack Review: Le Mieux Pro Sport Dressage Pad

I got this pad with free shipping and a 20% off coupon - so it was about $50 (gulp, which is a lot for a plain pad). Tesla has outgrown one of her pads and the orangey one is borderline at this point...

First off, this pad was made for withers and curvy backs:

Huggin curves in all the right places!

The grey was the perfect shade (not too blue/purple) and matches the footing in the dressage arena exactly (coincidence? I think not LOL)

The suede-y fabric had a nice weight to it (but probably not ideal for full summer heat). I love the cordura reinforcement at the girth, that's always the first place to look ratty..

Thumbs up for the fairly innocuous branding.

And it stayed PUT - even after our round-pen session (and even tho' the stirrups didn't ;)

No unsigtly lumps, bumps, or wrinkles....

Initial impression, 5 out of 5 stars.

Will definitely be saving up for another.... oh the colour choices!


  1. I have a full set (pad, polos, bonnet) in peacock that I LOVE! So well made.

  2. Have heard a lot of good things about these!


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