Tack Review: County Logic Anatomical Girth

Review: County Logic anatomical girth

One of the things the saddle fitter mentioned is that Tesla would benefit from an anatomical girth since she has a forward girth groove. 


I snooped around a ton online, but apparently 30in. is either really popular or really not popular, cause it was slim pickings.

I wanted something used (just in case Tess hated it/got rubbed/needed a different size). And although there were strong opinions about leather, padding, quality of various and sundry anatomical girths (when is there not strong opinions in horsemanship, LOL) I really wanted something leather that would last...I prefer the feel of leather rather than plastic any day, and like that leather breaks (rather than the horse)and also biodegradable for the win!

So I emailed my fav online gold-mine shop: yoursaddles.com to see if Pat just might have something I was looking for....

BINGO. In my hot little hands 2 days later.

The leather has a nice feel to it - a little stiff from to back (but that what helps it stay anatomical rather than squashing up), but the edges were all nicely padded, the elastic was stretchy and the buckles were roller. A word of caution with Logic girths - there is a lot of leather past the buckle, a good 3-4 inches, if I went any size larger it would interfere with the bottom edge of my saddle... Also the Logic is the middle-of-the-road in terms of buckle offset - Delfina's are less curvy, while Stretchtec's are more offset.

Straight off - I could see a huge difference in how the Sommer sat on her back. The saddle felt more secure and I dropped my stirrups down two holes (win win!)

Under saddle, I could feel a difference, especially at the walk - more swinging and more power. 

I feel like our tack is finally all coming together: bigger browband, saddle adjustment, bit seats (I'll do a whole post on those ;), and now the new anatomical girth, we are ready to do some dressaging.


  1. I'm glad that this worked out for you. It looks great!

  2. Katai also needs an anatomically shaped girth. Our TSF girth has made such a difference. It's still not perfect but it's so much better than anything else I've tried :) Glad to see that you found something that works for Tesla!

  3. I've heard good things about this girth! I have the TSF ones and love them.


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