Red Light, Green Light

I've been feeling more secure in the saddle, so I dropped my stirrups 2 half holes (so an inch) and I could feel that I was sitting deeper in the saddle....
Didn't know you could get bling on your leathers too....

So did Tess, apparently. She is super great about responding to seat weight = stop, so my deeper seat meant "We just stand here Ok thx".  But then, the next time I brought her out, we were coasting with no brakes, cause I had taught her that seat weight does not = Stop.

So, we spent a whole session playing red light, green light with this new balance, first I explained it to her with words ("whoa" and "walk on") and eventually just with aids - by the end she was a champ. (we'll see how well it sticks ;)

Amazing what a difference an inch of stirrup leather can make!!!


  1. I am thinking that I need to lengthen out my stirrups too.

  2. It is interesting how a few holes can change everything!


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