Born to be Wild

only one crazy eye = mostly sane

I refreshed Tesla's mustang rolls (she was an angel about it) and then we headed up to the round pen. I could tell she was full of it, so after some work on the line, I turned her loose with just her halter to get some of the willies out.

There was bucking and rearing and toe-flicking trot, and that girl can tuck her butt so far under her she is practically on two legs. I supervised to keep things from getting too outta control, but let her have some apparently much needed playtime. 

A fellow barn-mate walked over, "Ah, she just needed to be wild, eh?" he asked, and we both laughed and Tess followed me over for a bit of a chat and some free cuddles. "I think she got it out of her system" I said, and Tesla proceeded to follow me around the ring like the giant puppy she actually is. 


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