A few Odds and Ends: KL Select/Red Barn 28 Smart Girth

As Tess and I are zeroing in on our tack needs, I have a few odds and ends that need a home:


A KL Select/Red Barn Smart Girth (link here)

the Leather on this is buttery - no cracks underneath - I love this girth, but Tess is going well in the anatomical one (and also went up a size, lol!) so that ship has sailed.

Broken in to perfection.

Marked 28in. 

The double elastic on both sides is still tight - and roller buckles for the win!

There is one scratch blemish on the underside (barely noticeable!)

Cleaned after every ride.

New these go for $172 + shipping. I got it for a steal, so I'll let it go for a steal: $50 + shipping - you can leave a comment or use the contact me box in the sidebar if you want to make this beauty yours!