Product Review: My Pet Sunblock

A little too pink...

When you are sporting a lot of chrome, the sun is not always your friend. 
Especially when that bling is in delicate places.

I tried a long-nose flymask, the coverage was great...but someone made their opinions very clear - she HATED it - and her paddock doesn't make night-turnout only an option...

Don't get that torture device anywhere near me

so when a trainer recommended My Pet Sunblock, I gave it a try!
It's a mix of Titanium and Zinc Dioxide powder that you pat onto the exposed areas with a sponge applicator.

I powder her nose at night, and it lasts thru the day to keep her nose from getting too pink. A little goes a long way, so I expect it will last all summer (for about the same price as a long-nose mask...)

So....yes, yes my horse wears Makeup
Happy nose

What will she want next?!?