Adventures on the hoof

Can I eat it?

With the horrible re-occurring thrush and some scheduling/philosophical differences with my current barefoot farrier, I decided to take things into my own hands, literally.

Tesla is super good about her feet being handled: she picks them up readily, is respectful of your space, doesn't lean her entire body weight on you ... I've had previous farriers tell me they LOVE her :)

Trail Boss and I already do Porsche's feet as she has farrier trauma from being hot-nailed (her typical TB feet mean 1mm wrong and you've done it) and she throws a total tantrum for everyone except us - I've had same said previous farriers tell me they don't want to die....O_o 

The trail boss had welded me a hoof stand - but I kinda wanted one I could adjust the height on and that was more portable, so I bit the bullet and ordered a Hoof Jack from Riding Warehouse (one of the few things that I couldn't use a coupon on...) but figuring it would pay for itself after 2-3 uses.

I went for RED, cause there is already a green one at the barn :)

Here's to new hoof adventures!


  1. Good luck! I am not sure I will ever be brave enough to do more than pull a nail or rasp a rough edge between trims.


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