What's in a name?

It's fun to see how names change throughout a horses' history.

The sportiest OTTB ever was originally More Secrets on the track:

Then she was "Beauty" when she transitioned to a second career with CANTER

This video makes her back look sooooo long LOL!

Then she was "Secrets" for a year with the loveliest owner ever!

and then she became our Porsche, packer of beginners, trail ride extraordinaire, and game for anything, especially belly-rubs. (turns out the previous owner had an on-going joke about riding a Porsche - so she was thrilled when she heard her "new" name ;)

Tesla has had much fewer names: She originally started out as a Tyra:

already workin' the camera at 3 hrs. old

(yes, even supermodels have awkward teenage years)

and then became my Tesla (from red-hot supermodel to hot-rod LOL)

How many names has your horse had?
Did he or she end up being called similar things?


  1. Irish's registered name is 'So Romantic'. He had the barn name of 'Romeo' whenI bought him as a 3 year old and I was like 'nope, not telling people I had a great ride on Romeo'. :D

    Steele was born Acero and that would have been his show name. It's spanish for 'Steele' hence his barn name.

    Carmen's registered name is 'Charlante'. I have no idea if she's been called other things by previous owners (how sad is that?) but she's Carmen to me. :)

  2. All of my horses (well, all of my animals really) have their actual name, and then a bizarre plethora of nicknames. For the two main horses I blog about, you have Cinna and Ruby (barn names). Their registered names are Cintia Memoria MLA and La Malinche respectively. Cinna also answers to cinnamonster, baby bun, and some other ones that probably don't bear repeating, haha. Ruby can be rubes or rubella. My previous show mare was Topaz de Plata (Topaz in the barn), and we called her topes, topey (like dopey but with a T), and the great grey whale! Half the fun of horses is goofy nicknames, haha.

    1. LOL - only the dogs got crazy nicknames..somehow the horses escaped :D

  3. We found this thing where all the horses we renamed ending up getting sold, so we've been paranoid ever since and keep whatever name they come with.

  4. Bridget and Ginger both have names that are part of their registered names - I'm so boring! Ginger = Ginny to me, and Bridget = Midge, but those are just my nicknames :)

    1. LoL - we had a Midget Bridget growing up :) so I totes get it!

  5. Katai was Dreamer when I got her and could have had a different name prior to that but I'm not aware of anything prior to the person I got her from.


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