The Game is Afoot....

I came out on Friday and Tess was looking and feeling like her normal self. Zero swelling, zero sensitivity in her throat-latch, and chomping away at her hay. Dr K checked in, and no x-rays were necessary, since she looked great (yay!) and left me with banamine paste - in case Tess needed it.

It's still a bit of a mystery, the blood test came back normal, no elevated WBCs (YAY no Strangles!).

I'm so thankful that this turned out OK - Tesla gave me quite a scare!

While keeping an eye on her, all my tack got a thorough clean/conditioning (stress cleaner, yup), and Tess got a weekend full of pampering with a bath, lots of grooming, and MOAR Masterson Method. I incorporated the poll release into our routine...

and afterwards Tesla was putty in my hands - I can definitely see how this method builds trust and am looking forward to see how her movement under saddle will be improved as well once we can get back to riding :D


  1. Glad she doesn't have strangles!

  2. I'm glad that it wasn't strangles and that she's feeling better. If you clean when stressed come and visit and i will stress you out.....

  3. that so bizarre - what a relief that she seems totally recovered tho!

  4. Such a relief about the strangles!


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