Some like it hot....

fresh outta the was warmer in the barn

Saturday was sunny and warm, so I planned on heading out to the barn to give someone a much needed spa day! Tess got a bath, equifused her mane and tail, and wrapped her up in her fly sheet.

Our barn has hot water (I know, such extravagance!) but up until now Tess had gotten ice cold baths (granted, usually in 100+ degree weather)  I got the knobs sorta mixed up, and Tesla was thoroughly enjoying her hose-down before I realized the water was nice and hot (not scald you hot, but nice hot shower hot). I've never seen her more happy.

Turns out, the Pegasus Princess Pony likes all things Pampering.


  1. Katai is the same way! If I give her a nice warm bath she stands very still and is well behaved. With cold water she dances all over and acts like I'm trying to bathe her with acid lol. Such princesses :)

    1. LoL!! They watched too many Disney movies as fillies :D

  2. Equifuse is the best stuff barn mates are so jealous of the bottle you sent me. None of us have ever seen that offered in any stores around here. The lovely smell infiltrates the barn and a little goes a long way.


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