Peppermint Horse Cookies

Catie at Thoughful Equestrian had a post on Theo approved treats - and I gotta say, that Olivia's DIY Peppermint Horse Cookies also get 5 stars in my book (and Tesla's too!)

Tesla knows that if she gets pushy, she gets zero treats, so she keeps looking away (to prove she isn't being pushy) and then looking back to see if she earned another one - LOL - then she thought the cube might be a second cookie.....

The whole barn aisle wanted in on the cookies

I'm totally gonna have to try making some!

You can find the recipe on DIY Horse Ownership HERE.


  1. My dog does the same thing. Looks away to get pettings like "see I am not jumping on you." Those treats are like horsey crack. I have yet to meet a horse that won't eat them.


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