Not Elementary, My Dear Watson

Googling equine diseases online is just as bad as webMD.
So after I pulled myself out of that downward spiral of sialoliths and tooth extractions...

"I'm ready for my close-up, the lighting is magical"

My vet consulted with a surgeon colleague and they didn't see anything abnormal or suspicious in Tesla's teeth/jaw x-ray (Yay!). They did notice her lymph nodes were slightly swollen, and prescribed a round of antibiotics.  In the last few days the tenderness has disappeared (as well as the head-shying) whether it was the antibiotics, or it was resolving on it's own, either way I'm relieved! 

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, mystery ailments are the WORST.


  1. Mystery ailments are the worst! So glad to hear that it sounds like it's going away and that Tesla feels better :)


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