Loose Horse

I think nothing quite terrifies equestrians as the phrase "Loose Horse".  More so when you are not in an enclosed arena. Even more so when said horse is your own.....

 A sweet gal at the barn had a few used saddles to show me, so we met up, Tess in tow, to look and see if anything might be a good fit. None were a fit, ah well, so we finished chatting and I went to lead Tess into the arena. There was some banging as the gal was putting her saddles away in the tackroom, and Tess got spooked, managed to pull the reins out of my hand, and RAN AWAY.  I'll have that image of her muscled haunches charging away like the bell rang at Belmont burned in my brain forever, cause I thought for sure she was gone for good. I managed to keep my cool and eek out a calm "LOOSE" to let everyone in the vicinity know what was happening. (Kudos to my barn mates for strategic positioning in case they had been needed!) She ran 5 steps, reins flying, and then came to a complete stop in the middle of the roundabout on the property. She stood stock still, and waited there, her little hamster wheels turning uhhhhh, I is lost, while she watched me walk over to collect her. (She got a sugar cube and I made a huge fuss about how good she was) It was quite a scene (I got more than one compliment on Tesla's intelligence) and we went on to have a great warm-up and ride,

I honestly feel incredibly blessed and proud and thoroughly humbled at how much this 1200lb lapdog has picked me. This horse is 110% about the connection.

Epic Tesla. Epic.


  1. Clever girl!! So lovely when they come back to you even though they are panicked!

  2. What a drama filled moment: shock, fear, worry, salvation and love. :)


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