The thrush continues to be awful this year - Tess is ouchy again and everytime I go digging in her hooves, I find a new pocket hiding out.  It has just been so damp at the barn - and I let my guard down for a few weeks, sigh. At least I never have to guess how she is feeling :)

But, I got to take the re-flocked and adjusted Sommer for an actual spin, and it felt amazing. Sitting correctly was effortless and natural. We did a lot of walk work: I worked on sitting up and back and using my bellybutton to steer all around the arena and in between the jumps. So fun!

Tess is really settling down, a fellow barn-mate remarked that she was turning into a Quarter Horse in the best possible way, and we both laughed.


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    1. yeah, and Tess seems to be uber sensitive about it, 'cause it doesn't look that bad.....princesses, sigh.


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