300th Post Giveaway: My Equestrian Motto

I can't believe it's been 300 posts on this blog already!!

So, to celebrate, I'm hosting a little Giveaway! 

The Winner will receive a digital bespoke, original equestrian motto design.

To enter:

Write a Blog post describing your equestrian motto in one to four words, and why it is meaningful to you  - and link to it here in the comments.

I love Shakespeare, and free-handed fonts, so I would probably go with "but soft" - which is 1500s slang for "quiet" and would remind me to always quiet my mind, quiet my aids, and let Tesla shout her response (as Jane Savoie likes to say :)

Maybe you'd like your initials and team colours:

Or something classical: "Await the things which will excite you" (although that is pushing the word limit...lol)

or something historically inspired:

Be as creative as you like!

Winner will be chosen from comments at random by Tesla on June 23rd (last time it was numbered carrots.......)

Good Luck!


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