Tack Review: Roeckl gloves

I'll admit, I've been late to the Roeckl bandwagon...I was a little skeptical of the synthetic, preferring instead to go for pigskin with crochet back..

but when my gloves literally began to fall apart on me, it was time to get some new ones.

When Riding Warehouse had a sale, I snagged a pair!

I have pretty long fingers, but the 8's fit like a glove (pun intended :)

I like the grippiness, and my hands don't get crazy hot - win win!

plus - this shade of grey shows ZERO dust/dirt.


  1. I LOVE these gloves so much and despite my misgivings that they wouldn't last long with how thin they are, mine are going on over a year now (maybe closer to 1.5 years?). Pretty good for a pair of gloves that I ride in at least 3-5 days a week!

  2. I love that color! Im waiting for mine to die so i can try Roeckls


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