DIY: Breakaway Halter Crown

In an uncharacteristic move earlier this week, Tesla pulled back at the crosstie and popped her halter

(and then proceeded to cock a leg and basically go to sleep, haha)

I had a single stirrup leather floating around in my tack box, just waiting for a second chance in life, so I decided to go ahead and put it to good use!


A halter with two crown buckles

A hole punch (or a punch & a hammer)

Sharp scissors/swiss army knife

One old stirrup leather, not reinforced
(make sure it will fit through the buckles!)

Step 1: measure out the length needed to fit comfortably over your horse's crown
(in my case, the length of my arm :)

Step 2: Use sharp scissors/swiss army knife to carefully slice the leather
(don't loose a finger at this point!)

Measure 1 inch increments from each end and hammer (or punch) out 3-4 holes.

My stirrup leather was long enough to make 2 break-aways, and I didn't even have to punch holes for the first one (cause the leather already had 1-inch spaced ones - score!)



  1. Oh man, if only Murray would break the parts of his halter that are intended to be broken! He is the master of breaking all kinds of parts that don't usually break.

  2. Good way to reuse the old stirrup leather!


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