Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This must be the place...

As I was bringing Tess up to the barn, one of the horses on stall rest & limited turnout caught sight of horses in the dressage arena and started to panic - which in turn started Tesla panicking...

I was close to an empty paddock, to I brought her into a confined area to hopefully talk her down...but she quickly got herself super worked up:

there was passage in circles around me (with a lovely moment of suspension: this counts as GP training, right?), she was blowing and snorting, and I worked her in a small circle around of the new trainers called out if I needed help, but by that point she wasn't calming down, so I unclipped the lead rope and stood outside the pen to let her get all her silliness out.  After putting on he best Black Stallion impression (tail curled over her back & everything) she finally realized everyone had freaked out for no reason, and I went in to collect her. I walked her by that dressage ring several times to desensitize, and then walked her all over the property, practicing our groundwork. The new trainer said I had handled it well, and sometimes horses just lose their

I tacked Tess up, and she gave me some lovely soft relaxed work:

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