Twinkle Toes

Farrier came out over the weekend to give Tess a trim. 

It was warm and Tess basically looked like this the entire time. She only really gets hot under saddle. Lucky for me? lol.

Happy ZZZzzzzzzzs

Farrier mentioned that her frogs looked great and that he couldn't really see any thrush 
(Hooray for Dry Cow Mastitis Cream, here ToDAY and gone ToMORROW - I actually ended up with a hoard of boxes of it from my work, since it was about to expire - score!!). BUT, he did see the remains of a minor abscess on her front left - which also may have been adding to the problem.

Lesson learned: in order for thrush treatment to work, you have to remove the dead frog tissue, only after I started peeling away damaged parts of the frog to increase aeration and exposure did her twinkle toes finally feel better :)


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