Tack Review: Devoucoux French Bridle

While the amount of bridle options available now is amazing,  I still love me a good plain traditional bridle. 

A lot of Chrome there...even sans rhinestones
I found an older version of this bridle on Ebay (the latest versions have a mono crown) in good used condition, and I stalked it for a while until I could talk the seller down to my price point. I love the cut-outs in the crown piece, and the padding is soft soft calfskin, which is perfect for Big Mare Ears.  It's a size 3 (warmblood?!? I guess I didn't realize what a giant head Tesla has....)

The leather quality is tip-top, but the buckles are plated (sad, Devoucoux, just sad), but it has a nifty removable flash tab (hooray, cause we don't really need it!). I use it as our everyday bridle (and hopefully show bridle in the future!)

Still the H/J reins, LOL - I'll swap to my black ones for lessons :)

I love brown tack, but I gotta admit the black-on-black is super sharp on Tess - so I guess I'm rollin' with it :)


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