So I bought a barn...

a 1/9th size barn that is ;)

While snooping in my favourite used tack shop, I came across a Breyer traditional size two horse barn. It was in a bit of rough shape, but it was a steal and all the pieces were there: nothing a good coat of paint and some screws wouldn't fix!

A similar barn - I was in such a rush to paint it - I forgot a "before" photo!

Half of the fun in buying it was the bag of little jumps and pipe corral panels that came with it.

Even some cavaletti! (and this isn't even all of it!)

The Trail Boss is always looking for panels - and I rushed in saying I had found a killer deal on panels - he was so excited - and then I handed him the model ones ....... priceless!

Over the Christmas Break I finished assembling it:

Looking right at home above my bookcase (and ready for when little nieces and nephews visit!)

The only pony in there at the moment is Zenyatta....but there are plans to change that....


  1. Very nice find! I was crazy about model horses all the way through college and even sculpted and sold a few of my own :) This made me want to get some more!


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