Ride the Right Horse: Tesla

Tesla was a bit harder for me to peg...She is definitely not Aloof - but I saw elements of all the other personalities (Social, Fearful and Challenging)....(prolly I don't know enough to be able to pick out the subtle cues, or Tesla doesn't fit neatly into a box ;)

I is special

Interaction: Want to observe and interact with the world (Social) Guarded or cautious (Fearful)
Yes, but she is cautious: case in point, the automatic waterer makes a loud sound when pushed to refill the bowl, Tess touched it once, and then never touched it again. She is very respectful of her things - she never shreds blankets, gets grabby with treats, etc.)
 Tesla also has a very strong sense of self which are traits associated more with "Challenging" personalities....(but maybe this is just a bossy "mare" thing???)

Need for Personal Space: Tolerant of people or horses in their personal space (Social)

Yes, she loves people and loves attention. Everyone who meets her describes her as "Sweet". In the field she is OK with other horses  except when it comes to feeding time:

classic mare stare
She has to be constantly reminded to stay out of my personal space (Challenging) but I've also seen her become claustrophobic (Fearful) when another horse with a lot of presence is coming towards her, or being disciplined. 
Not sure how much of this is greenie behaviour vs. underlying personality...

Relationship to herd /humans: Near the top of the pecking order (Challenging)
Tesla really doesn't care about the other horses in turnout, unless food is involved, then she is an alpha. She's also quite competitive (she and Porsche used to race each other at my parents 5 acres, Tesla always won)

Vocalizing: Usually vocalize out of anxiety or loneliness, and upon arrival of someone they have bonded with (Fearful)
Tess is not a big talker, but will call out to her pasture neighbours on occasion (same ones she is glaring at in pic above :)

Adaptability: Generally accepting of new environments (Social) Resistant to new suggestions (Challenging) Not immediately at ease in new situations (Fearful)
I have seen Tess give me all of these responses. Often when I am teaching her a new thing, she will guess at what I want and give me the wrong answer, but may be resistant to try for other answers...she is usually pretty calm in new situations (from the ground) while she can get ill-at-ease under saddle: she wants to get it right (which is a fearful trait) and likes ALOT of reassurance.

Reactiveness: Generally reflexive reactions (Fearful)
Tesla never is deliberately naughty - I feel all her reactions are reflexive (Fearful)

Attention span: Can be short (Social)
Busy TB brain, and she starts anticipating!

Response to training: Once trained, make very strong efforts to comply (Fearful)
Yes, Tesla is very very willing! She tries very hard to get it perfect, and she wants to be good.

Lessons & Routines: prefers variety (Social)
Yup! Drilling is a no go.

Fight or Flight: Flight (Fearful)
Autopilot says outta here and take the person with you!

Tolerance: Not tolerant of poor treatment (Fearful)
Tess has never been treated poorly in her life, Miss Princess Pegasus Pony, but she does have a strong sense of "fair".  She shut down at the trainer re-boot cause she felt abandoned. She isn't confrontational, but she will anticipate like crazy!

Often strong brave performers with true charisma (Challenging)
Tesla has a lot of "presence". She often gets off the trailer with a "Here I am" attitude.

Happiest and most content: When allowed to interact with other horses and people (Social)

As far as my personality, there wasn't a case study with my specific Meyers-Briggs, but as a feeling type, social or fearful horses are a good fit. Porsche and I clicked immediately. Tesla has pushed me to become a better leader, and as I have stepped up my alpha game, she is becoming a better and better fit :)


  1. Very interesting! I'm going to have to read that book

    1. We should start up a blogger mail library :)

    2. I like that idea - gotta read all the things 😎

  2. I'm going to have to go through this categorization now - sounds like you learn a lot about yourself as well

    1. and improves your powers of observation! It definitely is a skill :)

  3. it's all so thought provoking! i kinda wanna read it too, since my guy has some characteristics that would seem to be totally opposite, but are somehow all present in him.

    1. It made me think about different training techniques - totally worth the read!

  4. I read through that book at a book store once when I was waiting for a family member to finish shopping. I really enjoyed it but have never bought myself a copy. Reading these has made me want to get one!


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