Ride the Right Horse: Horse Shopping & Porsche

I was completely intrigued by the post Megan from A Enter Spooking wrote about horse personalities, and tracked down a Kindle version to read over the predicted storm-pocolypse.

I thought a lot about the horses I have ridden, and what if any categories they fit into.


When I was horse shopping, I definitely tried an "Aloof" AQHA mare. A looker - but completely dead to the aids, and that glazed over disconnected feeling described in the book was totally there....

Last I googled "for the last 3 yrs she has lived up in the mountains outside all year round...." o_O


 Moderately Social, with a streak of Challenging (or should I say.....Storm Cat?)

Interaction: Want to observe and interact with the world
Totally yes, always a snoop! She also is very confident and brave and has a very strong sense of self which are traits associated more with "Challenging" personalities - and nice to have!

Need for Personal Space: Tolerant of people or horses in their personal space.
Yes, but she's not a huge fan of grooming/cuddling - I wouldn't describe her a puppy dog (unlike Tesla, LOL) - what Porsche really loves is being ridden.

Relationship to herd /humans: Rarely at the top, but often second in command
Porsche is usually somewhere in the middle.

Vocalizing: Often more vocal than other types.
Yup, she like to use her deep big-girl voice, and "talks" when anyone is putting together her grain.

Adaptability: Generally accepting of new environments.
Yes! She is happiest out exploring on the trail! She settled in quickly during barn moves.

Reactiveness: Generally under-reacts
Even her "naughty" has a limit :) 
She tends to "spook in place". 
Best. Reaction. Ever.

Attention span: Can be short
Both girls have busy brains, LOL - a trainer once affectionately called Porsche a "Little squirrel" :) 

Response to training: Once trained are steady performers, may need occasional tune-ups
Even if she's had a bit of time off - some time on the longe or a few discussions and she comes right back!

Lessons & Routines: prefers variety
Yup! Drilling is a no go.

Tolerance: Tend to be accepting
Yes, I've had pea-green beginners on her, and Porsche always takes care of her rider :)

Happiest and most content: When allowed to interact with other horses and people


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