Knock on Wood

Ninja skills still at Expert

Tesla was snoozing when I went out to get her (wiggly lower lip and everything!)

But the lower ring was open - so I decided to do some groundwork in there (no longing allowed :(

The BM was chopping wood nearby - and made sure to ask if it would be OK to continue - I said YES, we are all for opportunities to desensitize.

Tesla was pretty sure that

1) a horse was being beaten with or 
2) said horse was being shot (possibly both)

She was pretty reactive (i.e. I saw some nice passage again) but we just kept walking by, and I let her look once, but then kept her brain busy with lots of halt, backing, and turns on the forehand.

By the end, she was walking calmly, with a soft eye and her head down around the ring. She got a ton of praise and stuffed with sugar.

Chop Chop.
We got this one.


  1. Slowly but surely, sounds like Tess is figuring it out!!


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