Fungus Amungus Update!

The Thrush struggle is real. I've been alternating between a 50:50 mixture of Listerine & Water (recommended by Jules!), and the Thrush Buster, and so far this has been keeping the little nasties at bay.

Cheap and Effective!

Ordered a box of ToMORROW dry cow mastitis treatment (which everyone recommended!), and will probably throw that in the rotation as well.

Everyone at the barn is slathering anti-thrush products in their horses feet - with all the rain (and every drop is appreciated!) it's turned into a full on battle!


  1. Yes- I need to check my horses feet after this storm is finished- ice and rain.

  2. glad that's helping tess out a bit :) i've had to use it lately too!

  3. I love the smell of listerine (I'm weird like that). I spray Apollo's hooves with an apple cider vinegar solution all year round, if you want to mix it up it's worth a try!


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