Blogger 2016 Secret Santa Exchange!

This was such a blast to participate in! I sent along a few things to Jules at Kickin' Sand in the Croatan. By doing a bit of snooping on her blog, I found that turquoise was Jules & Razz's colour, and I ran with it. The tail extension was a hit :) You can read her post about it here.

My equestrian secret Santa was PiccoloPony from Stubborn Together and she spoiled both Tesla and I with goodies!!!

Foxy socks (now this song is suck in my head, LOL!) from Shires that are so soft and comfy! PLUS - they will look fab with my fav red-orange Horze breeches ...Foxy Lady ;)

Next, a Mrs. Conns bath sponge, a soft soft Tail Tamer face brush and some HealQuick organic salve from the Herbal Horse.

Tessie loves being pampered - so I can't wait to try the Herbal Tea bath sponge as soon as the weather warms up!  I've head rave reviews about them in the blogosphere. The face brush is a winner already, especially across her blaze ;) and Tess is a bit bumbly - I'm always finding random scrapes, so the Heal Quick will come in handy!!

Thank you so much, for the treasure trove of equestrian goodies, PiccoloPony - and I'm looking forward to reading all your adventures with Katai (who is such a doll!!)


  1. Oooh excellent care package!!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad it made it there safely and that they're things you can use :)

  3. Hi! Mrs. Conn here and I'm SO excited that you got one of my sponges from your Secret Santa. I can't wait for you to try it!! Happy New Year!


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