All hail broke loose...

There was another break between storms, so I braved it out to the barn, and everyone else had the exact same idea.

Is that cube edible?

As we got to the ring door, there was a burst of hail, and it sounded like a stadium of applause on the metal roof (obvs, training for the Olympics, yes?)

Tesla took a few steps back, and then we went in. The ring was hoppin' with three kid longe line lessons, a jump lesson, a dressage lesson, and two folks warming up. Tesla was AMP'd after the hail burst, but settled down as we stood in the middle of the ring and observed all the action. I was hoping to longe, but when my trainer explained she was going to be showing a horse to potential buyers (so 8-9 horses would be in the ring at that point), and I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance - we did the sane thing and called it a day.

So, Tess and I chalked up more courage building experience, and she was actually quite good under some less-than-ideal circumstances.

What are your favourite exercises for helping your horse gain courage?


  1. Ugh yea that sounds busy busy!! My own approach is mostly focused on miles and experience. I tell myself that the only miles the horse gets are those I put on it. So lots and lots of new experiences. But nothing so over the top that it would back the horse off further or undermine any fledgling confidence. It's a tricky balance!!

    1. I agree - it's finding the balance that is so delicate - cause if you over-face them, you can undermine all the confidence you've been instilling!


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