A promise......

Rain makes for some amazing rainbows!

Tesla took off on the longe yesterday, in a genuine panic (not quite sure what set her off...), with bucks and kicks and bolts and rears: the works! but I was able to talk her down, rather than letting her just blow it out. I could see she was still terrified, but she listened to me, and when I asked for the trot, she broke out in the most beautiful cadenced passage.  She was good as gold the rest of the evening.

A promise of what is yet to come!


  1. Interesting- she reminds me of Carmen in some ways. When Irish was young and blew up I had to let him go a bit and then he'd settle right down. That did not work with Carmen- instead getting her to stop right away gives her security. It's almost like she's saying 'oh thank god I don't have to do that' which makes me realize that she was as unnerved by her bolting as I was.

  2. Ha poor Tesla!! Glad you could calm her nicely tho!


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