A few take-aways

After the melt-down yesterday evening, I had no idea what to expect at the barn tonight, but Tesla was on best behaviour - and I came away with a few thoughts:

1. No naked longing. Tesla always goes better with her tack on...I kinda think she doesn't know she can be naughty with it on, (fingers crossed she never figures it out :) and I can see the side reins help her stay more balanced, and she can transition more easily.

2. More cuddles when tacking up: I spent a little extra time grooming her fav spots (her forehead and ears especially as I chatted with a barn mate), and she was putty in my hand afterwards.

I can't stand wet ears (even if I'm the one who chose to stand out in the rain....

3. No wet ears: I need to bring a towel and dry them cause she was just irritated and distracted.

4. Horses have bad days too, Tess was trying to communicate, which ultimately is a good thing.

I dosed her feet pretty good and she seemed to be much more comfortable and was moving freely tonight (even cantering!)

Thanks to everyone for all the thrush advice - I'm definitely ordering a few more products to aid in clear out the little creepy crawlies.


  1. Young horses have hills and valleys in their training. I have found that Carmen does much better after some extra attention in the grooming.

    1. So different from Porsche, who wants me to just slap on the saddle and Let's GO! Tesla is re-training me, LOL

  2. I think the "even horses have bad days" is something I keep having to re learn. Sore days, cranky days, funky days, off days. They are allowed to have them as long as they are honest about it the rest of the time!

  3. Horses definitely wake up on the wrong side of the pasture some days! Sounds like you have a good plan :)

  4. Definitely easy to forget that horses are individuals that have good and bad days just like us.


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