Review: Bust out the ThrushBuster

Tesla came up a bit ouchy tracking left this weekend, and sure enough, when I snooped a bit more closely, I saw what could possibly be thrush - or her feet may just be a wee bit tender from all the wet weather we've been enjoying - so either way, Iodine is the answer to toughen up her soles and clear up any brewing nastiness.

SO I busted out the thrush buster on Sunday evening:


The purple dye is nice - cause you can really see where you've missed, but it also gets everywhere!!

Tess was not quite 100% tonight, still ouch on the right front left, but was moving much better, and with much less reluctance to move out - so she will get another dose this weekend, and hopefully that will bust it :)


  1. I wonder if that's the same as the blue spray for general wounds? My farrier used that on Carmen and it worked well.

  2. i love thrush buster and might be breaking it out on the new guy in short order!


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