Loose Horse

Was longing Tesla when I realized that something was amiss - the horses next to the arena were flipping out, leaping and bucking and snorting (and in turn spooking Tess, who decided must-go-faster was the answer) it took a bit of time for me to get Tesla relaxed and walking calmly on the line, despite the antics happening around her  - and when I finally did, I walked her over to investigate - and realized a horse was loose!

This is particularly scary on this bit of property as the entire facility is not fenced. It is next to a road that can get busy on the weekends. I hollered to the trainer if help was needed (of course didn't have my phone - note to self ALWAYS put phone in pocket!) although I'm not sure what I could've done as there was no empty stall/paddock to put Tesla in - and I absolutely did not want to take her over and make the situation any worse!

The trainer managed to herd the loose mare back towards her paddock (which had the door open) and thankfully the little old lady galloped right in, and crisis averted.

Glad it ended safely for all involved!!

Do you have a scary loose horse story?


  1. Glad you handled your horse well!

    There's been the occasional loose horse at shows I've been at. The grounds are fenced in, but still, there's a lot of ground to cover and usually it's a matter of trying to stop and keep all the other horses around me safe while the people in question corral the loose horse.

    I have actually intentionally ridden my horses while my other one was lose in the arena. It drives them crazy, but I also don't want them to always have an absolute meltdown the moment they see another horse doing something stupid.

  2. I actually have a very scary loose horse story from when the horses that my sister and I were riding (we were tweens at the time) bolted on our farm. Thank goodness we lived right next to a state park and there weren't any busy roads but both horses went miles before some amazing person camping at the State Park caught them and walked them back to us. We were searching for hours and were very upset (as you can imagine) and met the amazingly nice person leading our horses.

    I'm very happy to say that I've learned a lot since then and that I have never had another scary loose horse story!

  3. Ugh loose horse stories are all so terrible! Most of the farms I've been at have paved roads and somehow the horse always ends up galloping over the paved road and falling... No good at all!!

  4. Ok I used to be a terrible child. On days when I'd be at the barn all day with my best friend, we would get bored sometimes and "accidentally" let the crazy mini out. So that way we could spend a few hours trying to catch her. We were so terrible.


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