Good Genes Run in the Family Part II

and what about Tesla's pedigree? I actually hadn't done that much digging in her TB ancestry - other than note she and the Porsche were from very different lines!

She has quite a few sisters I've blogged about before (link here). A full TB half-sister and several paint half-sisters. Tesla was the last baby out of Queen Nichole (she never took in the years afterwards).

There is quite a bit of interesting stuff on Lost Code and Codex (both of which died young).

That shoulder tie in looks familiar!

I also saw that these boys were in one of my fav racehorses, Desert Code (who happens to be a perfect nick for More Secrets, (and of course I'd already named their baby (Mores Code))

Desert Code: Only horse I've ever seen where the jockey drops his stirrups after every race!

That bum shape goes way back:

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For great old photos/videos of racehorses, 
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  1. it's so interesting seeing those familiar conformations among the other horses in the line!!


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