Christmas Sneak Peek....

Big Girl Bridle - hard to get a full frame photo when someone is so cuddly...

I have been meaning to get Tess a proper dressage bridle, and having been thoroughly impressed with the Devoucoux Snaffle bridle, I was on the hunt for one secondhand in black...with the thought someday far far away...

and whatdya know, it popped up on Ebay the very next day!
So I stalked it online for awhile, I knew the seller had it priced a bit too high, and after it didn't seller for what felt like the umpteenth time, I talked her down into my price-point :)

It is a size 3 (oversize according to Devoucoux - but the dimensions were good for Tess - especially the 16in. browband (girl has got some ears that needed moar room).  I think everything Devoucoux makes is basically TB sized S, M and L ;)

It is in beautiful condition - I worked a ton of the Gravity Leather Cream into it, and it feels just like butter. I like the very traditional look, no bling, just nice leather that is going to wear well. If I had to be nit-picky, I would like some slobber guards on the cheek pieces, and the way the noseband loops back is a bit unwieldy (but is a guarantee you won't over-crank it).

I have a pair of black reins with stops at the parents, so I will be sure to pick them up  over the holidays
(cause going out to longe in a western saddle, dressage bridle and hunter jumper reins just looks like we are having an identity crisis, LOL - and obviously having matching black reins will make that all better, hahahaha)


  1. Of course it makes it all better. I love the bridle. Let me know if you find a second one on sale because I'm not paying full price!

    1. LoL - I'll keep my eagle eyes out for a deal :D

  2. Ooh sounds like a great snag!!

  3. I have definitely had that identity crisis before!


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