Brazilian blowout

Tesla blew it all away on the longe line today. Full speed, I really hope the new bridle is sturdy kind of blow out. Nothing crazy, just fast! She was still pretty amp'd even afterwards, so we did some hand-walking around the ring (apparently I missed the memo of no longing in that particular ring, due to the fancy new footing - and the BM came running out to correct me as I was switching sides)

Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

All the horses were worked up today, and I saw lots of antics, even from some of the steady eddies, so I think the cooler temperature was making everyone a bit fresh :)

Tess finally relaxed in-hand and we made our way up to the big ring to see if all the darling little girls were done with their lesson, and I could finish up our workout to the left.

We had the ring to ourselves, so left we went, and then cause Tess was so calm and listening, I hopped on and did some walk work to cool her off...and when my nose started going numb, we called it a day!

Working through the willies (even if it sometimes involves blow-outs) is a win in my book!


  1. Better to have blowouts on the lunge then when under saddle has always been my philosophy. I actually prefer to see hijinks on the lunge than having to ride them out 😊


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