and speaking of good genes...

Apparently there is a clone of Storm Cat, who died in 2013, so if you want to perpetuate some 'tude first hand....

Link here

(Storm Cat Clone)


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    1. Storm Cat looks like he is going to bite that lady's face off....nasty, no matter how talented is no fun!!

  2. It was revealed last year that Ireland's top producing SJ/sporthorse sire had 2 3yr old clones on the ground - have yet to hear anymore about them since their grand reveal. I'm not even sure if they can be registered to breed off his success alone or if they have to prove themselves individually - personally I hope they do & that they get some sort of asterisk or something to mark them as clones if bred from on pedigree papers! 😥

    1. Interesting! I think there was a 3-for one sale going for a while :)


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