Viva Carlos November 10

1. How old is the youngest/greenest horse you've ridden?

While horse shopping I went out to see a 2yr. black filly whom I was told was a 15.2hh show horse, black with a blaze and bobby socks. The colour and markings were correct, but she was more like 14.3hh, and when the gal went to longe her, the horse quite obviously had no clue what she was asking! Needless to say, I didn't end up taking her for a test spin. I would say Tesla is the greenest horse I've consistently ridden :)

2. How old was the oldest horse you've ridden?

We had some geezers on the polo team who were ancient and wonderful babysitters who had literally seen it all.

3. Were you scared of horses when you started riding?

Nope - still not scared, just a bit more wise perhaps! (Oh, it's pouring rain with lightning and thunder...maybe I should just longe tonight.....)

4. Would you say you are a more nervous rider or a more confident rider?

Kinda depends on the horse - with Porsche - I know any shenanigans have a limit, and at 15.2hh she just isn't that intimidating LOL - where with Tesla there is still that element of uncertainty.

5. Biggest pet peeve of non-horsey folks around horses?

Non-horsey folks usually are some mix of slightly terrified and respectful - it's folks with a bit of equine knowledge that can be dangerous.

6. A time you've been scared for your life?

Not that I can think of...but maybe I can only remember the good times?

7. Have you ever fallen off at a show?

Not at a show, but everywhere else it seems - once mounting bareback on my bombproof buckskin - I slid right over her and she stood like a stone...Off a polo pony when she tripped and I sailed right over her head! (Thank you, Chocolate for not stepping on me!!) Came off Porsche when the saddle slipped (I'm notorious for too loose girths!) and twice off Tesla, once in the pasture (I bounced) and in the arena (didn't really bounce).

8. What's a breed of horse you've never ridden but would like to try?

I've ridden mostly TBs, QHs, Paints....I tried a 17h Oldenburg who was like riding an elephant....I'd be pretty much up for any breed :)

9. Describe the worst behaved horse you've ever ridden:

I test-drove a little QH who was such a little hot tamale she continually felt like she was going to run away with you (but never quite did), to the opposite extreme,  a QH who was so dead to the aids I couldn't get her to canter (and neither could the owner with spurs under her!) Tesla's moments of naughty are all due to inexperience, I've never had her be deliberately wicked.

10. Describe the most frustrating ride you've ever had:

I was trail riding Porsche and there was a very narrow part of the trail that had steep sides - and Porsche was sure we could go up the narrow side and leap across. I tried for a good 20min. to work her through it and she finally shut down. I hopped off her and led her up it, and thankfully the next time we went on that trail, she happily went straight up it!


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